Informed Choice and Consent

Stan Lusby

Independent Advocate for Consensus Democracy


Democracy = People Strength

Consensus   = Majority Consent that leads to an Action.


“Informed Choice and Consent”

Maxim first used by Silvia Cartwright 0f Dunedin.

(Otago Girls High, Otago University,)

Former Governor General of New Zealand


Dame Silvia reformed the ethics of the New Zealand Medical Profession following the Cervical Cancer Case. We can do the same for our politicians.


Since 1984 when use of the new information flow technology became available, NZ Parties have refused to use it to inform MPs of the electorate opinion on issues before the House of Representatives.


More recently we can observe that British MPs were blind to the Brexit/Remain conundrum that has resulted from their referendum. American Congress and Senate representatives failed to foresee the current Presidential debacle. Must we in New Zealand continue with their arrogant, ignorant (from the verb to ignore), attitudes?


Since 1440 AD, (500 years before I was born) the invention of the printing process led to one or two people sending information out to thousands and millions of people. To be fair to representatives it was only in the last thirty three years that is has become possible for an electorate the size of Dunedin North (50,000 people) to reverse the flow from the many to just one or two and the technology will vastly enhance the principle of democracy in the 21st Century.  Given your desire to do so!?!


Reader’s Research

Google …

EU Referendum: “The Result in Maps and Charts”

Flick through and see modern demographic presentation at its best.





PROPOSAL 1   Establish a Demographics Department within Hansard.


We can use our mobile phones to register our opinion “for” or “against” a government (or private member’s) bill. The incoming advice is received within Hansard and processed.

Hansard then presents the demographic to the electorate MP just before he or she will be voting in the House of Representatives. They then make the country wide demographic available to all the representatives.


The vote within the House of Representatives takes place with representatives acting as free equals having, amongst all their other research, received the advice of their electorate. (No Party Whip interference at this stage). Final result released to the nation.



Representatives bond closer to the people who elect them.


We can all see in general terms what has happened and so we become more aware of what is required to protect our democracy and our family life the next time a bill comes up for consent.


If the Bill that has just been voted on received a majority consent (consensus) from our representatives it goes to the Governor General for the assent and becomes an Act that we must all act upon under law.



PROPOSAL 2    Level The Tax Playing Field

“Government should get its income by transaction tax.”  (Bob Jones 1984)


This proposal is aimed at correcting some serious anomalies in the unfair taxation process that has arisen due to the way that the party division favours different groups within our nation.


If we tax the flow of money as it exits all bank accounts at just one agreed fixed rate then the acquisition of money for government to run those services that we all require for common and social equity as well as for personal and nationwide security becomes fair and just.


Estimates range between 3.5% and 5% of the flow as it exits, private, personal, corporation and government accounts. This is sufficient to provide for the services currently operating. There will be no need for Income Tax or Goods and Service Tax (GST).


This very low rate contrasts widely with GST currently at 15%. As a superannuitant I receive my pension every fortnight. Thank you all for that. However, for those of us who pay all our bills, rates etc. on the following day I find that, together with petrol tax etc. my return to Central, Regional and District government is close to 50%. The highest percentage return of any group. YET party politicians say that we cannot afford superannuation in the future and do not mention the immediate claw back of that 50%. You can see that the playing field does need levelling and most of our poverty for low income earners or beneficiaries and students disappears under my system of Transaction Tax. Wealthy people and corporates will always spend more than the poor but their tax rate will be exactly the same as the little old lady down the street.


If we vary the single rate of tax, by consent, to fix emergencies, (earthquakes, and homelessness etc.)  we can overcome the current process of working out of budgets for unknown and unexpected circumstances. (Budgets never did fix unknowns).


If government this evening appeals to us to increase the flat tax rate by 0.5%  (half a cent for every dollar we spend) and target the emergency caused by today’s tsunami that has flooded Auckland, the appeal would almost certainly receive an immediate advisory consent from the citizens of our fair country. As a targeted account it would only last until the repairs have been successfully carried out in the spirit of government ensuring that our people are again warm and fed (immediate) until private insurance becomes available.


In short:-

Don’t tax people, their property or their wealth.  Such systems cause enmity. Tax the flow.


Please note that Consensus Democracy will reduce the current, almost feudal, power of party whips. The current system of listing representatives is reminiscent of aristocracy not democracy and it is a punitive system. Any party representative who crosses the house to vote with a majority of his or her electorate can be down listed and out of a job. (cf  Fate of List MP Richard Prosser, this election).


Change can only come about by electing independent candidates dedicated to democracy.


Authorised by Stanley Richard Lusby. 50 Haven Street, Moeraki, Palmerston 9482